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Welcome to the world of business on the web. This eBusiness Guide has been designed for use by individuals and organizations both experienced and new to business and the internet. For new users the early section of the guide will hopefully remove a lot of the effort and hassle involved in preparing a new online business. The balance of the guide is important reading for anyone wishing to make a success of their website. We take you through a critical pathway of activities that we have found lead to the generation of wealth.

This guide acts as a roadmap.
You still need to drive.
Jump in, buckle up and lets go!

What is It You Wish to Achieve?

Before going any further lets decide where it is you actually wanted to go.

Your online identity

How to acquire an email address and domain name

What is A Domain Name

Your Domain Name is like any trade name, logo, or brand name, your domain name represents a part of your business identity.

What Domain Name Can I Register?

Some domains need special requirements in order to acquire them.

What do I Need to Register an Australian Domain Name(

Anyone can register a .com domain name.

Where can I register a Domain Name?

Registering A Business

Introduction to Registering a Business

Registering a Business Name

All you need to know about registering a business name.

Registering a Company

You will need to lodge form 201 (Attached) 'Application for registration as a company' together with the prescribed fee.

Setting up a Merchant Account

Why do I Need a Merchant Account.

Which Bank?

You may wish to use your own bank. However, we have substantial experience going through this process with our customers.

Getting Paid

Accepting credit card payments online can often be the most difficult part of establishing an online store. There is a minefield of information to understand, which varies depending on who you seek advice from. This guide aims to demystify the process and get you accepting credit cards as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Construct and Launch Your Online Business

Now you need to refine online business strategies and construction of the website.

Four Steps to Online Success

For Small and Medium Business Establish your product in a niche or vertical market If you are planning or already have product we show you how to pick and/or position your product to SELL! Get Found on the Internet We show you how. Watch while thousands of people visit your website. Manage your customer/email list We show you how to build, manage and make money from an email list. Be patient and budget 6-18months It can happen relatively quickly.. But be prepared to wait.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

At the end of the day, effectively completing the "Four Steps to Online Success" may be your Unique Selling Proposition or your unique advantage over your competitors. To truely create a Unique Selling Proposition that sizzles, read on.

Free Online Resources

These are a list of resources that can help you in the building of your web site. Sample Privacy Statement A sample Privacy Report for you to use on your website. Sample Return Policy A sample Return Policy for you to use on your website.

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